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ednixon's Journal

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Frank Martin
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I am 53 year old tv/radio engineer living in Southern California, but has recently been in his native Texas Gulf Coast, and the nascent Kentucky of his relatives. A self taught tech, a journalism major in College, I have done talent work in broadcasting, starting out reading the news on the three radio stations in Texas City and Galveston, Texas, transitioning to taking care of the transmitters in the 1970's. Moving to Houston, then Chicago, then Phoenix,
Los Angeles, San Francisco, and back to Los Angeles, Frank moved from radio to television in his career in 1986.
I've always been an enthusiastic photographer, whether historically in traditional analog 35mm film or larger format 120, or today in the digital memory chip era. My photos are stored on a co-located FreeBSD server, another hobby, at http://ednixon.com
I follow consumer electronics and audio, whether pro audio, or tweaky esoteric tube Hi-Fi.
cameras, computer hardware, freebsd, health and supplements, internet publishing, old german cars, photography, presentation technologies, servers, surround sound, travel, tube hi-fi

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