Frank Martin (ednixon) wrote,
Frank Martin

Classic Mercedes Benz

This is my 1979 Mercedes Benz 300SD in the parking lot at the Tuscon Holiday Inn Airport North. progbear and I drove it there from Los Angeles for Fiesta de los Osos. It is powered by the famous Mercedes Benz OM617 5 cylinder turbo diesel engine.
This is what the cylinder head should look like on an OM617 engine.
This is the cylinder head off my engine when it was removed today. Blown head gasket, as noted by lots of coolant blowing out of the radiator when it accelerates. 2 of the 5 cylinders were working. Happened in Westmoreland, California on Highway 86S between Brawley and Thermal. Was towed into Rusty's German Automotive in Arcadia. We will see if the head cleans up. It has about 398,000 miles on it.
Tags: auto repair, diesel engine, mercedes benz, progbear
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