Frank Martin (ednixon) wrote,
Frank Martin

Thursday Night with the Bears

I had to run up to 5800' Mt. Harvard to fix a burping home shopping club on channel 67 tonight.
When I turned of the Angeles Crest Highway to Red Box Road I heard a terrible screaming animal noise.
Was it a coyote ? Sasquatch ?
The ear peeling screams were coming from a tiny bear cub I found trapped in the Red Box dumpster.
Mama bear was circling, the two holding a bear conversation, inflections you could hear
and pretty much understand in their yelps, growls and screams. I reached over and touched
the bear cub in the dumpster to try to grab it by the nape of the neck to lift it out. I felt every bone
and rib in the terrified wild creature. Unable to lift the thing due to swatting cub claws, I put a
felled signpost in the dumpster, and bearcub was able to climb out on it when mama came over.
I was able to avoid bear claw injury, those claws are big even on the scrawny frightened cub,
and utterly massive on Mama bear.
Last time I saw real bears in the woods was at Hetch Hetchy back in 1987 during
the Strawberry Music festival at Camp Mather. Guess I was overdue.
pix of the cub in the dumpster
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That is so beyond incredible coolness. Glad to hear all three participants escaped unscathed (especially you!).
I'm still up at Mt. Harvard. Wonder if I'll see any more bears
tonight ? Of course if I go to the right club I might.
like this one in Japan

You know that mother bears are incredibly dangerous when defending their cubs, right? I'd say you were lucky to not get attacked!
This mother bear was not docile. She climbed a nearby tree when I snapped
her photo, came back down and made one charge at me,
but recoiled. I think on some level she
sensed I was trying to rescue her screaming cub from the evil dumpster.
Even though they were at the crest of Mt. Wilson, I'd still classify this
as an urban Los Angeles (county) bear and cub, rather used to being
around people, more or less. The skinny cub and not so fat mama are a
far cry from the fat dumpster bears that I've heard roam Tahoe.
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