Frank Martin (ednixon) wrote,
Frank Martin

Thursday Night with the Bears

I had to run up to 5800' Mt. Harvard to fix a burping home shopping club on channel 67 tonight.
When I turned of the Angeles Crest Highway to Red Box Road I heard a terrible screaming animal noise.
Was it a coyote ? Sasquatch ?
The ear peeling screams were coming from a tiny bear cub I found trapped in the Red Box dumpster.
Mama bear was circling, the two holding a bear conversation, inflections you could hear
and pretty much understand in their yelps, growls and screams. I reached over and touched
the bear cub in the dumpster to try to grab it by the nape of the neck to lift it out. I felt every bone
and rib in the terrified wild creature. Unable to lift the thing due to swatting cub claws, I put a
felled signpost in the dumpster, and bearcub was able to climb out on it when mama came over.
I was able to avoid bear claw injury, those claws are big even on the scrawny frightened cub,
and utterly massive on Mama bear.
Last time I saw real bears in the woods was at Hetch Hetchy back in 1987 during
the Strawberry Music festival at Camp Mather. Guess I was overdue.
pix of the cub in the dumpster
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