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Frank Martin's Journal
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Thursday, July 7th, 2005

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LA Philharmonic and Super Mario Brothers

Here's the Los Angeles Philharmonic on stage at the Hollywood Bowl performing
a fully scored version of the music used in the video game "Frogger".
Moreover, they are playing on cue with a live video game and a player,
changing phrases for the players as cued by their frogs
crossing the street and river to get to their lilly pads on the big LED
signboard screen behind the orchestra.
"VIDEO GAMES LIVE" was a first time production. It was a great show.
Lasers, smoke machines, live action, actors on wires were floating over the LA PHIL.
The crowd was by far the youngest I've ever seen attending a Hollywood
Bowl performance, and just about sold out as well.
One is taken aback at the concept at first, as if it is a Woody Allen
gag from his movie "Sleeper" where the main charcter awakens in a new
and far sillier future.
The LA Philharmonic did an amazing job performing this music, most all
of which was world premiered as the new symphonic scores of video
game music. Lots of live action, like the "User"
in the
performance of Wendy Carlos' music for the "TRON" video game.
Like the long running "Big Picture" live movie music performances at the h-bowl,
I think this won't be the last one of these... we will see.
After tonight's Los Angeles premiere, the show goes on the road
to play in 17 cities, wrapping up at the Shoreline Amphitheatre
in Mountain View on September 9.
my snaps of this show are

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