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Frank Martin's Journal
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Saturday, May 21st, 2005

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The zen of Fry's

Or lack therof.

One of the interesting things about living in Bowling Green, Kentucky is ones life
is not affected by having a FRYS around to spend all your money at. The nearest Frys is
800 miles away in Dallas, a safe distance that won’t tempt you to drive, however
I’ve done many a DFW stopover for my Dallas connections.

Is no Fry’s good or bad ? Is FRY’S good or bad ?
The Fry brothers grew up in supermarkets that dad runs, most still bear the FRYS name,
although they are, like RALPHS in Southern California, now run by Kroger...
In 1980, David Fry and his brother opened an electronic parts and components store on
Lawrence Expressway in Sunnyvale, California. Dad’s grocery stores were in Arizona and
Marin – Contra Costa. So, you get kids doing a big electronics store run like dad’s supermarket.
Still privately held, Fry’s now has 30 stores in 9 states.

FRY’s exemplifies everything about American Pan Pacific Consumerism,
filled with cheap goods from the east, like Wal-Mart, but hi-tech.
The Fry’s shopping experience, in spite of the best efforts of the
Fry brother’s whimsical store fixtures, is somehow soul draining,
and don’t expect much help from the staff. Of course there are rare exceptions.

When I stopped by the Burbank 1950’s Space Alien Attack themed store to maybe
pick up one of the Semperon / Lindows boxes listed above, I found out that
their allotment of 200 had vaporized into an army of lined up consumers by
noon. In a similar manner, a 100 foot long line of unwashed Burbank humanity
was qued up at a tent in the parking lot out front for 25 cent hot dogs and Cokes.
I grabbed some LAN cables I needed and fled.
Living one’s life around FRY’S seems somehow unfulfilling and just wrong.

In Kentucky, for needs like Fry’s fulfills, one has to resort to, say, Nashville’s
Computer Renaissance, or dreadfully overpriced Best Buy.
Or you can go to local shops like Apollo Computer or ComputerLAN (an old Computerland
where they used white out to remove the “D” on the stationery and sign out front)
I have a buddy,
Rick Mitchell,
that runs his “SirQue” Wireless ISP out of ComputerLAN.

Or, you can go to the Atlanta location for wholesaler Pacific Magtron.

Arf. 3pm in El Segundo, off to the Coachella Valley.

Computer Renaissance
Pacific Magtron
Apollo Computer Kentucky

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